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We are working on a number of possible projects across Thanet and would love to hear from you where we would invest our time and resources. More details will be added in the coming weeks, but please take out surveys to help us learn more about local interest. 

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Do you want three New Eco-Friendly homes for affordable rent in Minster?

There is a piece of land in Minster off St Mary’s Road that has planning permission for three small bungalows.  It sits, concreted over, unloved and unused.  It is owned by Thanet District Council (TDC), and they invited our Community Housing group to look at it and see if it is viable to build. We have visited with a builder and believe this is possible on a tight budget. 

Thanet Community Housing are confident we could raise the money to build three small eco-friendly bungalows on this site to be rented to Minster residents at a locally affordable rent.  

We need just two things to kick start this project.  Firstly we need residents of Minster, to tell us that you want this to happen and you can do this by taking our online survey.  Secondly we need TDC to give their go ahead - we hope to find out in the coming months. 


Do you want four New Eco-Friendly homes, with affordable rent for families in Cliftonville?

There is a piece of land on Clifton Street/ Booth Place in Cliftonville that has been derelict for several decades. This land has planning permission for four family homes and the landlord is interested in selling the land to Thanet Community Housing - for the development of affordable housing.

Thanet Community Housing are interested in building high quality, low carbon houses for local families, rented at genuinely affordable prices.

If you live in the area and would be interested in seeing this happen, please become a member of our Trust, and help to make this happen.

More information about this and other projects will be posted soon.

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